Getting address to go to google calandar correcttly

Ive been using the system for a good year without any issues so have gone for the paid for version. I now want to update something and I cant figure out how to do this. When I get a booking through i get all the correct information (name, email, address etc) but the address goes into he body of the description on google calendar - not in the location field. Consequently, it doesn’t automatically show the google map of the location - so the question is - how do i get YCBM to add the customers address (captured from the booking) into the address field on google calendar rather than just in the description of the booking.
Thanks in advance

Hi @TheWizLeon you can use the Shorthand codes you specified for the Address input field for the customers and add that to the Set Location section on the calendar event here:

The Shorthand code will be whatever you specified in the field under the booking form.