Google Calendar Address Issue

Currently, our clients are entering their address and it is being synced to our Google Calendar. The address is populating text into the Google Calendar address field, however it is not actually pulling the address information on google and is showing as text only.

We are then manually opening Google calendar, editing the appointment, and when clicking on the address field it auto populates and upon saving we are good to go… is there something we are doing wrong, or we could change to ensure that all addresses are pulled via Google, input correctly into the calendar to show the physical address properly as a clickable link which syncs to our GPS software, etc to provide travel times, rather than plain text with manual correction?

Thanks, hope that makes sense!

You can try something like this:{ENCODE}{ADDRESS}{ENCODE}

This will give you a Google Maps direction link.

The Encoding shorthand code will add + after each word to allow it to be added to the URL.

Can you please advise where this should be enterred?

I have changed the Event Location for my calendar and the booker, but am not sure if this is correct. (see below)

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Yes, that looks correct - it will encode the address your booker has entered and complete a link in your Google calendar event. The success of this link will much depend on how your booker enters their address but if they enter street address, city, state, zip in one line it will work!

Perfect, if we have any issues we will reach back out. Thank you!

Please note, we have tested it multiple times and the string “{ENCODE}{ADDRESS}{ENCODE}” is not working as expected.

It is creating a link that opens the map, however it is not inputting the address into the calendar automatically. Please advise how we can have YCBM automatically add the address to the calendar event, so that it will populate and provide driving directions, time to leave notifications etc… without us manually having to click on every new booking and update the address and then save.

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If you have the URL for the directions as you described. You can add {ADDRESS} to the location field within the calendar event, which you may have done already:

Keep in mind that if you add {ADDRESS} in the Location without the URL it should be a link that folks can click on for directions with Google. For the other calendar platforms you can add the URL to the body of the calendar event.

We are essentially wanting the address to load as if it was entered into google calendar, where it will display the map link, a photo of the location, and provide ETA to site etc automatically.

Previously this was generating a link, but it had to be copied and pasted to pull up anything and was not inputting the address… the original setup was pulling the address but for the google functions to work on calendar you had to edit the calendar event, then click on the address and select it from the drop down for it to work.

I have changed this to test and will keep you updated.

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