How can you add address autocomplete?

Anyone have any clues. Thanks.

@BOOK2RIDE Welcome to the Forum! Are you looking for a way for the system to auto-populate a street address? There isn’t a way to do this, but I can get it submitted as a feature request.

Hi Ben.

If you could investigate this, that would be huge.

I’ve developed a business concept using your booking platform, in a way which I don’t believe is being done in Australia at the moment. I honestly think this could become ‘massive’. The premise is: a Hire Car experience without the Hire Car price tag. (ie. about 50% less than the cost of a traditional Hire Car, with a car that is like a Hire Car). Totally branded, with uniforms not seen here, and a level of service which is also ‘uniform’, and seeks to be completely unique. It’s a dream I’ve had for the last few years, and I’m trying to make it come to fruition. Got stagnated because of the lockdown imposed on my area, but now I am “free”, so to speak!

Not sure if you can look me up, because I need to renew my subscription, but the business name is BOOK 2 RIDE. (I will be renewing my subscription, by the way, of course).

Many thanks Ben.


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Hi Ben…again.

If you could get address autocomplete happening, that could become a really strong feature of the software in the future, and possibly a distinct selling point. I’ll leave it with you. No pressure.


This also is very important. With my business, every booking includes a service address. At that moment, too many typos and inconsistent addresses are submitted.

Please have YCBM use Google Maps to provide address auto-complete like other systems do.

Thank you.

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We have been looking for this feature for a long time. This would be very valuable to us. It would eliminate typos for sure, and also save that extra 5-10 seconds as well.

I would definitely up vote this.

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We use YCBM as an internal automation trigger, so our staff has a form for each estimator and they fill out the YCBM form on behalf of the customer. So the customer is telling us the address (often over the phone). It would be very useful if we could autofill this after we start typing out the house number and street address.

Definitely would eliminate typos, but more importantly improve the customer experience by being more efficient over the phone, and capturing the correct information quickly.

It would also be nice for us to not have to ask for the zip code. We operate in multiple regions, and our call center is in one location. It makes us seem very “not local” when we have to ask customers which zip code they are in, and it would be awesome to have that autofilled based on the other information they already provided.

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Any update on this feature request? What are the chances that this is added in the near future?

@WebfootPainting we have discussed the address auto complete and this something that we want to add in 2023. I don’t have a definitive timeframe, but it is on our radar.