How can you add address autocomplete?

Anyone have any clues. Thanks.

@BOOK2RIDE Welcome to the Forum! Are you looking for a way for the system to auto-populate a street address? There isn’t a way to do this, but I can get it submitted as a feature request.

Hi Ben.

If you could investigate this, that would be huge.

I’ve developed a business concept using your booking platform, in a way which I don’t believe is being done in Australia at the moment. I honestly think this could become ‘massive’. The premise is: a Hire Car experience without the Hire Car price tag. (ie. about 50% less than the cost of a traditional Hire Car, with a car that is like a Hire Car). Totally branded, with uniforms not seen here, and a level of service which is also ‘uniform’, and seeks to be completely unique. It’s a dream I’ve had for the last few years, and I’m trying to make it come to fruition. Got stagnated because of the lockdown imposed on my area, but now I am “free”, so to speak!

Not sure if you can look me up, because I need to renew my subscription, but the business name is BOOK 2 RIDE. (I will be renewing my subscription, by the way, of course).

Many thanks Ben.


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Hi Ben…again.

If you could get address autocomplete happening, that could become a really strong feature of the software in the future, and possibly a distinct selling point. I’ll leave it with you. No pressure.