Issues with recent update (as of 7th Oct 2022)

Since the 7th Oct 2022 update, YCBM has been causing us a multitude of problems with search: We can no longer search by date (date of birth), no longer search by full name and we can no longer search on mobile devices. Please help! Search is a huge function for our office.

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Maybe you are referring to issues with filtering information on exported files? It will be very helpful if you can elaborate a little bit more on the issue with screenshots and maybe some recordings so we can further troubleshoot what is not working. Please send us a message to

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Hello again,

I’m referring to searching from the Bookings page, for past clients, I used to be able to do this by first and last name or even date of birth but now I just receive no results whatsoever. (Also when searching by ‘date of birth’ extra characters appear in the search field.)

Please help!

@dinodxynez the team has a fix for this that will be released tomorrow hopefully. I will circle back once it is updated.

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Thank you, @Ben if this can be fixed that would be appreciated as we depend a lot on searching past client information. :pray:t3:

Working now - thanks for the fix

Good day, @Ben
@Highland is correct, search (by way of filtering) is now working on desktop.

But when using our mobile devices, search isn’t functioning at all the way it used to.
We’re unable to execute any filtered search query on our mobile devices. :pensive:

I don’t tend to use YCBM with mobile, but just tested it on iOS and working fine

Thank you for this input, @Highland
I’m testing with my Google Pixel device and several other Android tablets and we receive no results.

@dinodxynez thanks for letting me know I will test it out and see if I can replicate the issue. Then I will have our development team take a closer look.

@dinodxynez fix for mobile search is going out early next week. I appreciate your patience.

Hello @Ben thank you for always making yourself available to the forum, sincerely.

We’re still unable to search on our mobile [Android] devices, do you know when the development team will have a fix?


@dinodxynez thanks for the chase on this. This fix is in development now. It is taking a little longer to get released than expected. I will keep you update. I appreciate your patience.

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Thank you for the follow up, if this can be fixed that would be ideal, we run our business mainly on mobile devices and not being able to utilize YCBM on our mobile devices is pretty much putting a huge damper on our operations.

I personally am a fan of YCBM but my partners are urging me to look elsewhere. (Not pressuring just providing you with our state of affairs)

Oh, and thank you for all you do, sincerely!

@dinodxynez I appreciate your patience. We pushed out an update. Mobile search should be working as expected.