Zoom Integration Causing Booking Issues

When we decided to add Zoom to our bookings we thought we were going to do the Zoom integration, so myself and my other team member each added Zoom integration. Although we add the Zoom integration we decided not to use it and just put our Zoom link in the notifications to our clients. We have not had any issues until about the last couple of week and we keep getting YCBM emails saying that “It looks like there may be a problem with the ZOOM integration on the YouCanBookMe account…We have been unable to generate a link for your upcoming meeting” When we look up the booking we have found that most of those appointments are not on our calendar. We removed both of the Zoom integrations since we do not actually use it and we are still having this issue. The issue seems to be focused on one team member. It does appear that the appointments that are still having this issue were booked before we removed the Zoom integrations. How can we stop this issue from continuing to occur?

@infoquest Sorry for any confusion. I checked on your account and three pages still hade {ZOOM-LINK} in the location field. I have removed them. You shouldn’t be getting any warnings about Zoom links any longer. I will send you a message with the pages that were impacted.