Bookings & Zoom

Is anyone having an issue with Zoom links expiring or not included in invitations when the client requests them?

Hi @TX-Falcon I hope you are well. Could you clarify what you mean by Zoom links expiring? Zoom links become available 30 minutes before the start of your meeting. If you receive a warning message that the link is not available, please check your Zoom integration and re-authorise it.

I can see that you have Zoom set up on 1 booking page - if Zoom should be available for both, please make sure it’s set up under the calendar event location on the other page - and it’s included on the calendar event that goes out to your booker for this page. Do you have an example where the Zoom link wasn’t included? You can DM me with the booking reference number.

I can also see that you don’t have a booking confirmation email set up for your bookers. You might want to add that and include the shorthand code {ZOOM} so your bookers also have a way to access the Zoom meeting via their email.