Zoom integration with multiple accounts


I’m having a problem with YCBM Zoom integration. Here’s my dilemma:

I use a personal Gmail account for my calendar, but my biz email for Zoom and YCBM.

Something isn’t working and maybe I’m just missing it.

I set up a test meeting and YCBM generates Zoom link. All good. I see that link in my Google Calendar, but it’s nowhere on the Zoom side. (Not the Zoom desktop app or the web portal.)

As a result, I can’t start the meeting. I have to set up an ad hoc Zoom meeting and email attendees ahead of time. This defeats the purpose of the integration.

What am I missing?


Ah… Because the integration is in beta, I can only put a static link in.

That solves the issue, although anyone with the link can crash the party.

I hope that the new integration goes further.

Hi there!

Meetings booked through YouCanBook.me don’t appear in your Zoom dashboard until you have activated them one hour before. This is because the link you and your booker are given at the time of the booking is like a “waiting room”. We don’t create the actual Zoom link until 1 hour before the meeting - that allows for reschedules to take place without us having to regenerate new Zoom links.

But if you click on the YouCanBook.me link in your Google calendar an hour or less before the start of the appointment, you’ll see that it does get added to your Zoom account then.

The best way to activate the meeting is simply click on the zoom link in your Google calendar.

Yeah, that didn’t work for my current meeting.

It might have been because I had linked my other Zoom account, not the one that I use for YCBM.

I would be great to be able to disable that option. Ideally, this would happen:

  1. Someone books time with me.
  2. The calendar invites go out.
  3. I can immediately view the appointments in the Zoom desktop app and the web portal with their links. After all, when I schedule an appointment directly in Zoom, it creates the link.

I’m not sure if others have provided that feedback @tiffany.