Zoom Link Activation- Beta

For the Beta Zoom it says We recommend that you [create a reminder email or SMS to yourself 1 hour to 15 minutes before the appointment to yourself to activate the Zoom link, or send a reminder to your booker with the {ZOOM} link so they remember to log in and join your session.

  • Is this necessary, or will the zoom link sent to people’s calendars be active 1 hour before?

  • Do we start the zoom session from the link sent to our google calendar, or is there a place to do it in youcanbookme?

Hello @draholmes,

I am using YCBM in education, and I have been using the Zoom Link feature a few times. I think I can answer your questions:

— No matter what you do, the Zoom link will be included in the calendar invite, and will be active one hour before the meeting. You do not need to do anything else to ensure this works.

— However, YCBM is about saving everybody time. In my experience, most people who will make an appointment with you, may not be as familiar with calendar software as we are (since we have to set it all up!). It could very well be that, until it becomes a habit, they do not know that they can see the Zoom link in the calendar invite. That is why YCBM makes it easy for you to send a remind email in a timely way to provide this information to your customers when they need it.

— Both the link in the calendar, and the link sent from the email, are the same. In fact you can “guess” that Zoom link yourself, as it will always be:


where <THE-BOOKING-REFERENCE> is the twelve letter code that YCBM uses to uniquely identify a booking, and which is featured in all correspondance about the meeting.

Hope this helps!

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