Left justify address in calendar?

I collect street addresses in the YCBM form that is added to the location field in calendars using for format {UNIT} {ADDR} {CITY}. Note that there are spaces after the unit and address fields. e.g. “400 123 Anystreet Anytown”.

The problem is that for addresses without a unit number, the space preceding the address field appears in the result. e.g. " 555 Anystreet Anytown" instead of “555 Anystreet Anytown”.

How can I eliminate that preceding space? Is there a way to force a left justify for the address?

I was trying to use a conditional statement, but we can’t trigger those based off of a field having been filled out. I think the solution here potentially would be to have one field for address. Is there a specific reason why you have it broken into the three fields?

Is there a specific reason why you have it broken into the three fields?

Yes. A system that the address is passed onto requires the unit number separately. So the user needs to enter the address the way I have this set up.

Wouldn’t it make sense for YCBM to automatically remove any preceding spaces? If someone mistakenly enters an address with spaces in front it’s hard to imagine that would be intentional.

Well we aren’t adding this space, the spacing between the shorthand code is, but I totally understand what you are referring to. It would be nice to only pass in the data if the field had any value at all, and if not just omit it.

Right. But whether space(s) to the left of entries are typos or something in the shorthand code (like in my case) there should be a way for YCBM to deal with it.

If this isn’t currently possible, can it please be added as a feature suggestion?

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We will add it to the list @LeroySchulz

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It looks like this issue causes the bold formatting in reminder emails to break, since the extra space in front of actual text appears to cause the double asterisk bold markup to be displayed as text rather than treated as markup.

So instead of bold text consistent with the rest of email, the data is being presented littered with asterisks: ** 123 Street, Anytown** instead of 123 Street, Anytown.

Can this please be addressed ASAP? This is making our emails to clients look sloppy.

Hi Ben, any update on this? It’s been over a year that the emails that YCBM sends have been looking sloppy as I’ve noted above.