Phone Field Formatting

Is there a way to format the phone field so there are spaces between the numbers rather than all run together? I prefer to make the phone call from that field and I find it difficult to read.

Hi Camille, there isn’t a way to format the phone number or any text differently than how it was entered. One option would be to add a bit of text in the after message box with the desired format:

Great idea! I just put in that text.

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Even when I have phone numbers entered into the booking form with dashes between the number sets, the event that gets created in my Outlook calendar still runs all the numbers together and this is extremely hard on the eyes to follow when making outbound calls to the contacts. Is there a way to do this now? or can you please create a way to feed it into the calendar event the same way its entered, assuming it is entered with dashes as I’ve suggested to do on my booking page?
It would be a HUGE help.
Thanks !

Thank you for the suggestion. I will take this back to our team for future consideration. Would it be helpful to have a telephone link to where you click a link your phone will automatically start to dial? Or would you simply just want the entered format to come through?

Hi Ben,

And you’re welcome, and yes, future considerations will be nice.

Unfortunately, I’ve previously been told by Kate
and Sean that it’s not even on YouCanBookMe’s six-month road map

That leads me to believe that it may never get addressed, or it will be a year out earliest if it does, which is quite discouraging.

Unfortunately, in my case, I use a desktop phone which requires me to look back and forth from the event in my Outlook calendar and try and dial the number by hand into my phone on my desk,

This often leads to a lot of eye strain and misdialed numbers causing me to key in the numbers again, usually after I have separated the numbers in my calendar event manually.

I sure wish that someone in your company could put this higher up on your development priority list as it would benefit every user not just me,

and I find it hard to believe that creating a short hand code for a formatted phone number is so difficult that it would take several months to a year or more to finally address and can’t be squeezed
in sooner.

Looking forward to an improvement in this. Sooner, rather than later.

Thanks again for your time.

Happy New Year.



Scott, you are correct in that this is a bit beyond the immediate work we are looking to tackle. One option if this is a visual problem is to setup the number as a heading. Something like:

Ben, that’s quite discouraging to hear, and I’m already doing what you’ve suggested

The numbers still run together with no breaks between the sets and remain straining to read.

I will find my own solution as YouCanBookMe’s support has been no help at all.

Honestly, I think our longer termed solution here is to find a different vendor with more resources that is more responsive to our needs.



Scott, I did a bit of digging and see that there is a discrepancy between the preview of the Shorthand code and the output. This is something I hadn’t understood about your initial question. I am going to talk with the development team about correcting this. I am sorry for all the frustration, don’t lose hope just yet. Once I have more information I will reach out.

Here is a screenshot of a sample Outlook Calendar event and how we need to see phone numbers displayed.


Your assistance with this would be extremely helpful.

Here is how YCBM calendar event phone numbers currently look in our calendars.


Has there been any progress on the phone number formatting issue ?
It’s been several months now and I haven’t received any updates on progress.

No update as of yet. I will circle back with the team. I am sorry there hasn’t been any movement on this, Scott.