Ability to edit form field from from Bookings page

The ability to provide an option to edit a form field post form submission (as we do with an email and/or phone numbers) and edit from the Bookings page.

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Hi @dinodxynez welcome to the Forum. This is a feature request we have heard. Just to clarify you are looking for a way for you as the calendar owner to edit any of the form fields submitted? Or a way for your booker to be able to edit things?

Hi @Ben ,

Thank you for responding :grinning:
Yes, so … I’m the calendar owner and I’d like to edit at least a “Notes” field I may have included in the form and edit the “Notes” field from the Bookings page. Something like what I’ve included in my attached png.

FYI: all of the data in the image is fictitious less the name at the very top is mine.

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Hi @dinodxynez thanks for the explanation. We have discussed this as an option. There is a fine line between our system and becoming a CRM however. I will let the product team know that you are interested in seeing this feature. More folks are requesting this so the priority may increase. I can’t make any guarantees, but I will reach out if there are any updates.

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That fine line makes perfect sense, @Ben .

Thank you for the response; fingers crossed they’re able to at the very least provide an editable notes field :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks again for the response.
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There is a fine line between our system and becoming a CRM however.

I don’t think there’s any risk of YCBM turning into a CRM just because we’re able to edit and correct the data that clients submit. That would just address the issue of giving us control over the data the clients submit without having to jump through hoops. As we’ve brought up in other threads here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Updated the product team, they will be discussing.

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Hello again, @Ben , an editable “notes” field would also make YCBM a formidable product. I really do wish the product team will seriously consider this feature. Thanks again!


They have been looking more into this. I will chat with them tomorrow to see what the current thinking is.

@dinodxynez the design team setup a discovery ticket for this. Then the flow will go define the solution, talk to tech and see what’s involved in implementing it, and then moving it to one of the UX improvements epic. Not sure on timing here, but when I know more you will too.

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Hi @Ben this is promising news! Thank you so much for the update. :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

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Is there any update on this request? I ran into this scenario yet again this week. We really should be able to edit any of the collected in a booking form to give us control over this data.

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@LeroySchulz thanks for circling back. This is turning out to be a bit trickier than we anticipated. The old system has form fields setup in one group of comma separated values, which makes it very difficult to parse out. We have been able to pull out email and phone because of how those responses are formatted. The future plan is to built a proper data model for the form fields so they all are independent and then editable in the bookings dashboard. As of right now this is not on the priority list.

Thanks for the update – though the reply is disappointing. I was hopeful that the long-promised change to the underlying code would make many of this feature requests feasible in short order.

Yes, the change is forthcoming and in flight now. The big first move is building the booking grid like for like which we have done. Then we have built out new features like limit bookings, round robin and soon calendar view. The booking form will need to be re done to allow this level of editing. For the next 6 months it is not on the roadmap.

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Thank you, @Ben for your transparency. Making fields editable from the Bookings page will most definitely make YCBM stand out as unique among so many other booking platforms. I really do hope the developers will seriously consider this feature.