Differentiating Self Bookings from Shop Bookings

The single biggest feature for us would be if there was visible differentiation between clients self booking on the website and bookings we make while logged into YCBM

All of our bookings go through the YCBM system regardless of who is making them, and we do a lot of it ourselves during telephone and messaging conversations, as well as face to face rebookings. It would be very useful to know whether it was the client who has done something crazy or if it’s us who made the mistake.

Gravy would be if we could set different time limits for cancelling and booking when it’s us that’s doing it

@Highland great suggestions here. The first one, could be an option with a hidden form field, where your team uses a URL parameter so when the booking is made you can tell if it was your team of your bookers directly. Using Passthrough and Hidden Questions on Booking form - YouCanBookMe Support

The second point about having admin overrides is intriguing. This may require the use of a token of some sort so we know that it is your team accessing the page, sort of like the above option with a hidden field. I will let the product team know about this.