Cancelled booking reasons in bookings dashboard

How can I see if a client who cancelled a booking entered a reason for the cancellation in the YCBM admin?

A few days ago I set up cancelation notification emails to include that information (which I didn’t realize was an option before), but I’d like to check those details for a cancellation that happened a couple of weeks ago.


You can check out an export of your booking data and you should see that information. In the Cancellation Reason column. If folks did leave a comment and it was available for them of course. If there was not a field present (i.e. the setting wasn’t enabled) no information would be captured on past bookings. Export steps here.

That worked and I was able to see the reason for the cancellation in the exported data.

I’ll post in the feature suggestions forum that it would be helpful for this to be accessible from the admin section without first exporting.

Thank you.

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I’ll reclassify this one. We do have plans to revamp the booking dashboard.

I posted a separate feature suggestion before seeing your last reply. Feel free to delete that one.

Thank you.

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Hi Ben, has this been added to the dashboard yet?