Google Calendar data is obsolete


When I go to choose Linked Calendar settings page for my booking page, I can see a list of my google calendars. However, even though I added a new calendar in my google calendar, it isn’t shown in’s that calendar list. Simply put, the cache is old. I guess there should be an interval period to pull the data from google calendar. How long is it? It’s been already 20 or so minutes and the calendar list isn’t updated yet.

I tried re-authorizing google calendar and it didn’t change the result. I also tried deleting one of my calendars and it is still shown in the’s calendar list.

@cjunekim there could be a delay with getting new calendars to show up. Our system will review calendar connections ever 24 hours. We are working on a way to allow an in app button to force the sync to update information. Are you seeing the new calendar now?