Google Meet URL can no longer be created

Until the first half of August, GoogleMeet was automatically created in the calendar, but it is no longer created.
I checked according to the following procedure, but the management settings
``Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to events I create’’.
Is on.

Google settings have not changed

Does anyone know why Meet suddenly stopped being issued automatically?

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Hello Yuka,

I am having the same exact issue!

I don’t have a solution - but I believe this changed on/around September 3.

Anyone else with any help or ideas is welcome to write a post/comment

thank you

It looks like this is a known issue with Google:

We are keeping an eye on their response to see how to adapt.

Thank you for the information.
I want you to fix it soon

Is there any update on this? Is there a workaround?


Hi @PThrive, no update. The work around is to create an event for sometime in the future like 2023 and add a hangout or Google Meet link. Then use that in the calendar description or location. Some info here.. In the video they explain to add the Google Meet event each day, but you can create one in the future to use the same method. I hope this helps.

Hi Tiffany,

Is there any update from your developers on solutions for this issue? Google Meet links being added to calendar automatically is crucial to the workflow for people who have multiple meetings scheduled a day. I understand it was a change from Google’s side to begin with, but if you could now provide more information on how your team will be adapting? Thanks in advance!

No notable progress has been made on this integration yet @brontehogarth . Our product team regularly reviews feedback like yours, so we appreciate you getting in touch. When we have an update we will post it to the forum.

I’m still hoping for a solution here also. Creating a static link will not work for us because sometimes we have meeting back-to-back, and with meetings running long, we would end up with multiple clients in the same video meeting. I would echo @brontehogarth that this is a crucial part of the workflow that needs to be fixed!

Still need this fixed. YCBM needs to address this need!

I will have a catch up with the product team to get an idea of the status of this integration. Once I know more I will reach out.

Hi, is there an update on this issue?

We are very close to having this available. I will update this post once things are released.

Looking forward to this update!

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This is now out!!! Thank you all for your patience with this update. This article will walk you through getting things setup: