How do I block off time from being available?


I am going to be traveling and won’t be able to take bookings during that time. I know I can add a break, but I want it to be for select days only. Does anyone know how I can do this? I don’t want to shut the profile down to prevent more people from booking, just put it on pause. Thanks in advance. - Frank


You could go trough and book all the days so no one else can.


@beth Thanks, is there an easier way? Plus I do not want all of those email notifications and don’t really have time to do this for the two weeks I am away.


If you place busy events on your calendar that should block off your availability from coming through. This will have to be on the calendar directly. You should be able to setup an event that covers the two weeks.


Perfect, thanks! @Anne


One lesson I learned on this - all day events default to ‘free’. So if you’re creating an all day event for those two weeks, double check it’s set to ‘busy’ @Frank !