How often is YCBM calendar view updated?

If I add something to my own calendar, how long does it take for the blocked time to be indicated on the YCBM webpage that my clients use?

I.E., how often does YCBM check my calendar and is there a “force update” setting if I know I’ve made changes and want them updated before my client clicks over to the website?


P.S. My calendar is linked into YCBM via CALDAV (fast mail host)

@spivr welcome to the Forum! With our standard integrations (Google and Microsoft) the calendar feed is updated in near real time. With CalDav and other integrations we are at the mercy of the connecting server and the protocols they have established. We do not have a way to force an update currently, but that would be a great addition to allow to re-sync or update the event feed.