Events take more than a day to update on YCBM page

When I block some time in my agenda or have a cancellation it takes more than a day to update on my YCBM page, allowing 2 schedules at the same time

@estatisticaaccamargo I am sorry you are hitting an issue. I had a check on your account and it looks like the auto detection of timezone for your account may have been misconfigured. I manually selected this to be Sao Paulo and things are your availability adjusted.

Can you test out adding a busy event to your connected calendar?

Still not working. I added an event to my calendar this morning and still appears as avaiable on my YCBM page.

Your YCBM account and the connected calendar are two different accounts. Just to confirm that you are adding events to the account found here:

Also you can try out doing a sync. On the integrations menu:

click the three dots and sync:

Yes, the calendar is correct and I tried to sync several times.
The availability shown in YCBM is correct, it just takes a long time (more than a day sometimes) to update after I create an event in my calendar.
This allows appointments in spots I set as busy in my calendar but appears as available on YCBM page.

You may want to disconnect your calendar and reconnect it. You can do that in the integrations menu click the three dots then disconnect and attempt to add it again.