Shows that I am available when I am not

Hi, My shows that I am available when I have events in my calendar. When I accept calendar invites, it does not reflect on my book me so it shows I am available when I am not. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Kimberly! You’ll want to make sure the calendar invites you’ve accepted are on the same calendar is looking at for availability. You’ll also want to make sure any events on your Google calendar that should be blocking your availability are set to busy.

More troubleshooting tips here:

Hi, Tiffany,

They are. I have meetings and my colleagues send me invites to my google calendar which is synced with my book me. I accept and it shows on the correct calendar, but the time is not blocked out on the book me. This is causing me to have to make duplicate events for every single meeting that someone invites me too. I sometimes forgot to remake the event (which I should not have too since it’s 100% the correct calendar) and this causes conflicts all of the time. Please advise.

Hello @persaud.kimberly,

I am very happy YCBM user, and I am so sorry you are encountering these issues. Does not sound like the intended YCBM experience!

The problem though is that there could be a few reasons why you show as available. Would you mind taking a screenshot of an event that you were invited to (in Google Calendar)? You can black out the personal info if you would like.