Recurring Events on CalDav calendar are not blocking my availability

I’m using a CalDAV calendar. If I create or accept a recurring event, my availability in YCBM is only blocked out for the first instance of that recurrence. The remaining recurrence time slots are all showing as available. Are there any other settings I should check to remedy this?

@evan.pontersolutions Do you see the repeating events in your calendar setup as busy events? With CalDav our support is limited due to so many variables outside of our control.

Yes, I see the repeating events in my calendar. They don’t indicate busy or free when I am the recipient - I only see that option when I am the organizer of the event. For the recurring events where I am the organizer, even if I select “show as busy”, only the first occurrence is recognized in YCBM.

It looks like we aren’t getting a reliable signal from your calendar which can happen with CalDav integrations. If you add a regular busy event on top of your repeating event are things blocked as expected?

Yes, a regular stand-alone event on top of a recurring event instance will block the availability in YCBM.

@evan.pontersolutions I would recommend to add these events individually then. Again with CalDav there are so many things that can impact the feed and signal we get from the server that there may not be the same functionality as a Microsoft or Google calendar.

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Useful information for me, :+1: thanks for sharing!