I need to remove the YCBM logo from emails to the team

(sorry for my English)
My client doesn’t accept having the YCBM logo in the email notification to the team or person who scheduled the meeting.

I subscribe to the plan for 2 calendars and managed to remove the logo from the scheduling page.

For the emails, I looked everywhere but couldn’t remove it. Can you help me so I don’t have to cancel my plan?

Eu preciso de um suporte. Logado na plataforma, vou em ajuda, mas não tenho retorno. Apenas de um bot. Como consigo ajuda ou falar com o suporte humano?

I need support. Logged into the platform, I go to help, but I don’t hear back. Only a bot. How can I get help or talk to human support?

I need to remove both the logo and the message in the footer “This email was sent to you about a booking made through YouCanBookMe”. I’m paying for the service, and paid two calendars to remove this.