IFrame "update the whole browser window" --> just immediate parent instead?

I have a YCBM iframe in my page, but my page is itself iframed into our partner’s page.

So if “A” = my partner’s page
and “B” is my iframe within A
and “C” is the YCBM iframe

…then when the user books a meeting, I want to redirect B to a new location, not A.

Is that possible?

Hi @TomK, I hope you are doing well.

Unfortunately not. We only have the 2 options inside the booking page settings:

update only the iframe (the child iframe or “C”)
or update the whole browser window (“A”).

There are ways with javascript to redirect only the direct parent with the “window.parent” property (or in html with a script tag and the “window.parent.location.href” property), but for that the child and parent need to be on the same domain, which is not the case.

Thank you much. I did find a way around it using my own JavaScript programming. I have the YCBM page go to a known fixed page on my side, with a query string value that I set. On that page it triggers the parent page, which is doubly easy because they are on the same domain, and the PostMessage command works without issue.

Hi @TomK! Whoa, that is a great workaround! :star_struck: And I’m glad you found something that made it work