Link to community forum

Is there a reason why when I’m logged in to YCBM/dashboard the footer doesn’t contain a link to this community forum, API docs, or other support links?

Those links only appear on the main YCBM where it’s least useful to those of us who are existing users.

Hi @LeroySchulz great suggestion. I will get this over to our product team to ensure we include it on a future app update.

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Hi Ben, any update on this?

Instead of being able to access the links to the community forum when I’m logged in, I have to go back to your main page. Every time I have to do this, it’s a bit annoying, since it doesn’t put the user experience at the front.

Hi @LeroySchulz No update with adding this to the footer, but I did add a link to the support portal:

Thank you. That will be helpful.

But overall, for the sake of user experience, shouldn’t the footer be consistent for users whether we are logged in or not?