Links to Google Meet Not Working


On your platform we set Google Meet to have our meetings.
After several meetings happening with no problem, two days ago we started having a problem with Google Meet link not opening properly at the meeting time.

When opening the Google Meet link that was showing on our calendar description (not on the button “Participate in Google Meet” from the calendar, this option wasnt even activated. Before, the calendar would show this option near the meeting and it was great) this was the problem showing:

Translating to English “Sorry, we couldn’t find the page”
When the link was created automatically by you.

Then I tried to open the links sent to everyone as a reminder for the meetings.
It only loaded your page with the date that the meeting was scheduled, not loading the google meet room as it always did near the time of the meeting.

Tried to contact your support during these two days. Nothing. Is there any solution or should we give up on this?

Thank you,

@JoseP sorry for any confusion here. In your calendar event make sure you are using {GOOGLEMEET-LINK}. This will ensure that the Google Meet link will not be setup with formatting that may break the link. The team is working on a way to adjust them automatically and a way to fix any links that are already published.