Login does not work

Hi, when i want to login via the format it always says email or password are not correct. however, they are. when i aks for a link to login and clikc on the link, it works. How can i also login and logout via the form?

@Rebecca welcome to the Forum. I am sorry you are running into trouble with the login. Could there be a password keeper on your browser that is overwriting your password you are entering?

The other option you can test is to use the Google login button:

Beyond this you can try to reset your password and sign in through a different browser.

Hi Ben, thanks a lot for your answer. i tried a new password and am typing it in myself. Still does not work. Although everything is correct. google login might be an option. but i do not like to be forced to use my google account. and obviously youcanbookme has a problem, not me. so rather thinking of using a different provider.
however, thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate your answer. warm regards, Rebecca

@Rebecca I am sorry I didn’t see your response here. Are you still struggling to log in? Have you found success with the Google login or trying a different browser?

Hi Ben, thanks a lot for following up, I appreciate it. It does work now. :slight_smile: Warm regards, Rebecca

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