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My calendar is not visible, booking page has connection problems https://fitko.youcanbook.me/:
Problème de connexion
Nous sommes désolés, il semble que nous ayons quelques problèmes de connexion à nos serveurs. Vérifiez votre connexion Internet et essayez de rafraîchir la page.

also cannot login:
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Problems connecting with YouCanBookMe

We’re sorry, it looks like we’re having a few issues connecting with our servers. Please double check your connection and try refreshing the page.

@yoga.fitko I am sorry you hit a snag. When I check the page I am showing that things are working and I see availability show up. If you are still seeing issues you can try to re-authorize your calendar here: https://app.youcanbook.me/#/account/integrations

Click the three dots next to your calendar and Re-authorize:

For logging in you will want to make sure that you are not on a VPN (virtual private network). There also could be a browser extension blocking things.