Missing "required" checkbox on email

I did some experimentation with trying to get email to not autofill, and have lost the optional email address feature.

@Ben can I get this back? I’ve seen other places where you mention the API to do so.

Also, if this is done, you can clear the text field after it.

I’m still having problems with autofill from something I can’t find, and would love to have autofill blocked if possible - I’ve got a topic in Feature requests about it.


@mactax I do not understand what you are looking for. The email field will only auto fill if you are passing in ?EMAIL=email@domain.com to the booking page. Are you looking to remove this field entirely?

No. Some bug in my browser is forcing my email to fill when I don’t want an email there at all. Something I haven’t been able to find (mostly due to being extremely busy), is filling my email, even though everything has no autofill options set.

The YCBM Product is harmless in that regard.

What I have a problem with right now is:

  1. I used to have the email address optional - and want to return to that. Currently, about 60% of my clients are call in and schedule, so I don’t need the email reminders.

(Need help removing mandatory email requirement - #2 by Ben)

and optionally/ideally:

  1. I’d like to disable autofill entirely, so to block my misbehaving browser from filling my email address and giving me many copies of the email rather than just the booked emails.