Need help removing mandatory email requirement

@Ben sorry to bother but i saw it was discussed in another forum post that there’s currently not a way to remove the required flag for the email field. Is it possible to remove the field entirely? I see that its only possible via an API, probably an internal API I’m guessing. Would it be possible to get any help? I love the platform so far, but the email field doesn’t really work for my use case.

Link to the topic: Email Required for schools - Customization - The Community Forum

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@miki.tomoe the API is available to the public, but no worries I have removed your email field on your booking page.

Hi there I used to use YouCanBookMe a couple years ago, it used to give me the option to not require email address. I would like to remove the option for email on my calendar booking, is there a way to do this?

Hi, can you help in removing the email field from my booking form as well. We only need phone number from out clients. Our clients are mostly seniors (older folks) and they wouldn’t know their email address. Phone numbers are more convenient to our clients.

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@marynell_ramos I have removed the email field from your page.