Open link in new tab

How do I make a link in “Text after the question” open in a new tab?

I’m using the [Link] ( markdown but that doesn’t appear to support the target="_blank" convention.

Hi Leroy,

You should be able to use:


Note if you URL you wish to point to has a query string already, you’ll need to use an & not a ? eg:


hope that helps!

Thanks Darren. I just tried this. It still opens the link on the same tab rather than open a new one.

I’m using this version of your suggestion:


I just PMed you the links.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Leroy,

You have hit a bit of an edge case!

In this instance you you need to move the ?useTarget in front of the # , so the link would look like this:

[Link Text](
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The slight variation to the URL when using an anchor worked. Thanks very much!