Better Markdown support (mailto links!) - RESOLVED


I know in a post two years ago that somebody was already asking about mailto: links:

The answer was that they don’t work. I just encountered this in the calendar text and footer. I understand maybe in the first version of YCBM you maybe used a fresh library or implemented markdown yourselves :slight_smile: but now Markdown is so ubiquitous that there are a lot of good libraries and it’s weird to have a semi-broken version of Markdown URLs (I can’t imagine Markdown would be very popular if it only supported certain types of links but not others!).

Thank you.

Hi Jeremie -

Great news, we have plans this summer to improve our Markdown to include mailto: links and opening links in a new browser tab. We will announce on the forum when those updates happen.

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Dear Tiffany,

This is so exciting!! A very welcome upgrade, and one that will really addresses a recurring pet peeve!

BTW, congrats on the Silver Award for SaaS company of the year :smiley: I think with full Markdown support you might be shoe-in for Gold :wink:


Hi @Jeremie

Great news - mailto: links are now supported in We also have updated the browser logic to open links in a new window by default.

[your text]( - opens in the same browser window

[your text]( - opens in a new browser window

[your text]( - opens your clients email program

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