Formatting Emails

My emails look so plain. What is everyone doing to jazz things up a bit? Or am I stuck with the run of the mill email?

You can use Markdown to make some modifications to formatting. For instance you can add links, create headings, making things bold, italicized, add images or logos. That is about it. YCBM uses common mark for formatting, Beyond that you are limited.


If the above doesn’t get you where you want to go you could always set up an integration with Zapier and send the email through a different system. While this will require a bit of extra setup, it would give you full control over the look and feel of the emails. Honestly these emails don’t need to be anything special as they are more information than marketing, you know?

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Good point. I will work with the Markdown and make things sleek and simple. I would hate for my clients to get confused.

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