SMS layout change this summer ..or get in trouble


Does anyone have the same problem as me

what happened in YCBM to make the SMS look different?

Until Tuesday, there was no problem with the preview of my SMS.

Until the beginning of the week, the SMS preview was the same as the email preview. Tonight it’s just text throwing the words one after the other.

And I can not find any information, warning or announcement of this change in YCBM news. I am just put in front of the fact.

I have the filling that this new look is linked with the new toolbar on the text creation field

Has YCBM changed its SMS presentation policy** ( for whatever reasons )? **or is it a temporary bug that will be fixed.

I am aware that I clicked on the YCBM Labs page, offering to use functionality before they were really ready. And immediately appeared the toolbar on the top of the text. I found it helpful for the links. But it also removed the possibility of adding lines with

By telling myself that this was perhaps the origin of the problem with my SMS, I wanted to withdraw my click, but it disappeared from the YCBM Labs page….

if anyone has an idea, i’m really into it.

SMS messages will not support Markdown. The preview you see now should be showing exactly how it will come through in the message. The new Markdown toolbar is out of labs, and that was done this week. That could be why the preview has changed to be more inline with what the text message will present.