Problem with English calendar on the phone...text from YCBM comes in Spanish


so I have clients in English and in Spanish, so I have done two different calendars as one of the team members of YCBM suggested.

Directly on the computer, heading to the link, works great and from the WP (embedded) too, so the link in Spanish takes you to Spanish and the link in English takes you to English.

In the phone, it does not! The Spanish link works ok, but the English link doesnt, all the text from YCBM (that I could not translate) comes in Spanish (including days, months, “required”, etc).

This is the link showing:

Hope you can help me! Thank you!

So it´s seems I have been able to correct it, by setting Language just in english.

But, I have encountered a new problem, when cancelling an appointment from the Spanish agenda (as a booker), the message created is in English. When just modifying the appointment, its correct, comes in Spanish, but not when cancelling, find photo attached!


Thank you!

You can edit the cancellation text under Notifications > Actions > Edit Cancel and reschedule limits.

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@tiffany so good!! Thank you, Ive been able to fix it! Thanks!

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