Integration with WhenIsGood

@keith I love WhenIsGood and only realized recently that it was your previous product. It really impressed me to see that this team has ideated two successful products in a row.

WhenIsGood is terribly useful, and disarmingly well built—it’s one of the projects I use to illustrate privacy-respectful design patterns (i.e., you never ask for a single email, unless at the end, the user wants a backup of the links).

Recently, I have gotten a bit annoyed at WhenIsGood: “UGH! YouCanBook.Me is my virtual secretary. I thought I had dealt with this ‘When are you available?’ problem! Why do I have to go through this again??” It would be nice to be able to paste the link to one of your YCBM calendars instead of manually filling out the availabilities.

This would also be an interesting feature to: 1) Upsell to YCBM customers and 2) To make explicit your connection to WhenIsGood (which as I mentioned above, only made me see you in an even more positive light).

If you’re not interested in doing this yourselves, I am might take a stab at it. (Of course I think it’s sad that YCBM isn’t trying to aggregate availabilities through its API, as discussed in this other thread.)