How, if at all, is YCBM related to WhenIsGood?

My understanding is that the people who made YCBM are also those who made WhenIsGood (, hence me asking a question here. I’m trying to understand to what extent, if any, WhenIsGood’s functionality has been incorporated into YCBM.

So, from my experience, WhenIsGood is a very different thing from tools like Calendly or Acuity. Apps like those pay a lot of attention to user interface, and to integration with the calendaring systems offered by the likes of Google etc. However, in terms of gutsy scheduling capability, those apps keep it fairly simple.

By contrast, WhenIsGood isn’t as smooth in UI or integration as Calendly etc, but when it comes to the core, difficult task of finding common availability among a range of people, WhenIsGood is the 1,000lb gorilla. In my experience it may well be unique in its capabilities on that front (and to be honest I don’t know why it, or at least its functionality, hasn’t simply taken over the world by now).

What I want to understand, then, is where YCBM fits into the above classification, and what that means if I want WhenIsGood functionality.

So, on the one hand, because YCBM appears to have been produced by the same brains that produced WhenIsGood, and because WhenIsGood is such a uniquely powerful tool, I was expecting/hoping that YCBM was perhaps the UI-improved, more-attention-paid-to-integration successor to WhenIsGood.

But, on the other hand, an initial look at YCBM suggests that is a mistake. As far as I can see, YCBM is aiming to compete with apps like Calendly, and to do so on those apps’ own terms (and this blog post seems to support that). If that’s the case then it’s possible that WhenIsGood is more or less orphaned (even though I can see it is still operating at WhenIsGood. net).

So, what is the actual situation?
Does YCBM have any WhenIsGood functionality?
If it doesn’t, then
Is WhenIsGood itself still supported?
Are there plans for any future developments of WhenIsGood or, ideally, integration into YCBM? (And if not, why not; it’s a very cool tool)?

P.S. I notice I’m not the first to ask about this. Back in 2020 user @Jeremie posted a question on the same topic (he even offered to help!). As a new user, I can only include 2 actual links in my posts so I can’t directly link, but here’s the URL, suitably de-linkified so I can post it: https :// Unfortunately, as far as I can make out, Jeremy got no reply to his 2020 question.

@tommyk thanks for the post. Yes, our team that built WhenIsGood also built out YouCanBookMe.

At the moment WhenIsGood is still in operation allowing folks to create free events to find a consensus time for many people.

This is a bit different to the problem on the YCBM side, which is built more for the the 1-1 type of scheduling.

We do have plans to make improvements. With that said it is still early days and nothing has been officially announced.