iCloud update regarding Apple Signaling?

Is there an iCloud update from ycbm developers? I’ve read the summertime threads and my summary is: iCloud broken, can’t fix, use Google Calendar. But it was left open somewhat (if we hear from Apple etc etc yeah right).

I’m an educator and I used ycbm from Jan-May and these issues appeared to crop up after that and/or over the summer. I went back to using ycbm last week and noticed the issues. The ycbm technical explanation doesn’t actually make sense to me, but I’ll come back to that**.

The ycbm solution is to drop iCloud. My solution is to drop ycbm. Bookafy, for example, either solved the “Apple Signaling” issue a long time ago or they never had the issue. Regardless, I’d like to see if there is any update wrt my particular observations below, before I pull the plug on ycbm and spread the word.


For me, the iCloud integration works just fine – appts booked appear in my Calendar, and if I delete or move them, it is then reflected in ycbm. Likewise, if I mark myself as busy, those slots are removed on ycbm. Just like always. My issue is with cancellation alone.

If I cancel using the link in the booking notification e-mail I receive, I see “The following booking has already been cancelled; the booking is already cancelled and cannot be edited.”

If a user cancels using the link in the booking confirmation they receive, they see “Thank you. No action was taken as the appt had already been cancelled.”

Obviously, there’s a problem, but since the 2-way sync from my Calendar to and from ycbm works fine for me, the issue is really in ycbm’s cancellation algorithm. Either that, or the ycbm error messages and the technical explanation seen on this forum are missing something.

I am sorry you are feeling out of the loop. We sent out an email last month to all iCloud users. We have decided to sunset the integration and no longer support it. More info here. If using iCloud is imperative to your business, then it is understandable for you to find another tool to suit your needs.

Interesting that I never got that e-mail. Oh well, if I have to spend money on such a product, I’ll go with the better algorithm and programmers. But thanks for the reply.