iCloud integration failed this morning

I tried to re-connect my iCloud calendar with a newly generated app-specific password, but it still isn’t working. Is anyone else having this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi David. The iCloud integration is a bit tricky. There are some steps laid out in our KB, read about that here.. Since Apple has strict security to connect third party applications you first need two factor authentication enabled. Then as you mentioned in you need an app specific password. On the integrations screen you will use your iCloud email as the username and your app specific password as the password. I hope this helps.

Statsound, I am having the same problem - starting Friday. It was integrated and worked fine for months. I tried re-integrating, using all of the steps outlined on the site, and the integration step works, but it shows me as available all the time (which I am not!) - it’s not syncing when I already have meetings.

Hello Bethany. I apologize for not having the ability to be more helpful with your issue. I had to move away from iCloud’s calendar for our business as a result of its too-frequent outages. It is a shame, really, because we use iCloud for many facets of our business and enjoyed the simplicity of integrating its calendar into YCBM’s booking solution. If I can remember correctly, I ended up having to remove all 2-factor App-specific passwords, then start over from scratch. One thing I did learn as a result of this process was that if you change your iCloud password, you must re-do all App-specific passwords, too. I hope that helps.

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Thanks for sharing your solutions with me!