Bookings are automatically & immediately cancelling

Hi all,

I’m not sure where to put this but I’ve noticed a new and weird quirk happening with the booking system. My client bookings are cancelling automatically and as soon as they book them. They aren’t receiving any of the notifications, nor am I. The bookings are, however, syncing with my calendar (which is how I found out they had booked). I booked an appointment myself and it repeated the issue.

A couple of weeks ago, I had zero troubles with the bookings so I know that my notifications and settings are correct.

What’s going on and how do I fix it?

Hi Helen. The team is aware of an issue affecting some iCloud users where events are being cancelled automatically. The issue here is that the update from Apple to signal that the event is created is not happening in time. We have plans to increase the time for us to review the new event. Someone is reaching out to you with an interim workaround.

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Thanks, Ben!
I appreciate the update. Hopefully the YCBM team can find a quick and easy fix.
Thanks for continuing to put out such a great product.

Hello, a client of mine has the same issue. Can you help us? Thanks in advance, Kari

I switched to Google calendar instead of iCloud and haven’t had the problem since. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ben, can I please have the workaround, my client wants to use on iCloud calendar but all the Bookings are automatically cancelled.
Thanks in advance!

iCloud is no longer supported. We were not getting a reliable signal from Apple to ensure bookings were being added. When this happens our system cancels the bookings. The best way forward is to follow these following steps to export your client’s current bookings and events from iCloud to Google for

  1. Export your bookings and calendar events from iCloud:
  2. Import bookings and events into Google:
  3. Integrate the Google calendar with your account:
  4. Change the calendar your booking page is looking at for availability:
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Thanks a lot for the quick answer and the Links!