Changing Calendar Account

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I have been using a calendar for years via Google Calendar called DarrylMacKenzie @ Cox net, with my customers booking via Coach-Darryl You Can Book Me]
I changed my google email calendar address from DarrylMacKenzie @ Cox Net to Darryl MacKenzie @ iCloud Com. Same calendar, but correctly changed name
When I sign into You Can Book me, I can see all calendar dates and make changes to the calendar. It says the calendar is for Google account Darryl MacKenzie @, This works correctly.
But, when my customers click on Coach-Darryl You Can Book Me, they go to a blank calendar.
I found the location in You Can Book me parameters area to change the first node of my “Coach-Darryl You Can Book Me” It currently has the “Coach-Darryl” part listed as “DarrylMacKenzie You Can Book Me”. When I try to change the “DarrylMacKenzie You Can Book Me” to “Coach-Darryl You Can Book Me” It says that is not available, as if it is currently being used.
I suspect the “Coach-Darryl” part must be unconnected from my old account before I can connect it to the new one. ???
All my clients have the Coach-Darryl part for booking.
Please help me fix this.
Thanks from San Diego.

Hi Darryl, Tiffany here from the team. There are two issues at play on your account we need to resolve.

Issue 1 - You have several calendar accounts integrated with

Two of these calendars of those have access to the calendar: Darryl MacKenzie @ iCloud. This makes think you are linking to 2 calendars when you’re only linking to one.

To resolve this issue - go to your Integrations page, and remove the integrated calendar @ - This won’t cause any disruption because the correct calendar is still being linked through the other account.

Issue 2 - there seems to be an all-day event set to busy on your @ icloud calendar that is blocking your availability. Please check events at the top of your Google calendar that may be set to busy - or an invitations you may have declined. Tips here:

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