Affiliate Program Please!

I wouldn’t normally beg for an affiliate program on a $8-$10 a month product (even if it can get much higher than that for some clients) but I have been selling the heck out of this product by suggesting it to others as it is, and an opportunity to REALLY expand on that in a huge way may well be coming up. Can you put me on a list for first inclusion in this sort of thing as soon as you can possibly get it setup?

@Thunderbrd first thanks for promoting YCBM, that means a lot to us. Second you are officially on the list! We will be looking at different options for affiliates and resellers very soon. It is a bit tricky as with the low price point the commission would be small.

But as you mentioned if you helped bring in a 50-100 calendar team, would be more.

Any other suggestions or thoughts of what you would like to see in an affiliate program if we were to offer one?

I find it more motivating, not less, to resist implementing a ‘tier’ approach to payouts. And the more automated payments can be made, the better, so that it doesn’t cost more for setup and evaluation and accounting. Keep it super simple and it works the best. I have appreciated, however, the efforts some use to try to ensure that the use of the affiliate link won’t be overridden if someone uses that link, then buys within a particular period of time later after using a simple search because they researched, considered, delayed, then had to find the signup page again later. A 5% or so 2nd tier downline is also super nice in some situations where you could hook up to a whale that’s then referring the software as part of a stack to a larger audience. They’re going to want to use their own affiliate links, sure, but getting a bit of kickback on all the many they then refer is a fair way to benefit from a secondary perspective that can seriously motivate trying to get such an arrangement with such a large entity.

Just the food for thought I can offer.

And as a product note, the only real reasons not to use YCBM sometimes is the iCloud issue, which makes it tough for truly wide companywide implementations, and personalized URL integration which makes it tough to send from FB to the calendar without having a personal URL registered on FB with the ability to setup pixel events on the page. Maybe some of that is actually navigable in better ways than I have yet to realize - I’m only now diving into some of the latest forum chatter and maybe I’ll find there’s solutions I didn’t know about there. I have done a forwarding page to bounce off of to setup the lead tracking from a FB ad but it fails sometimes with some popup blockers.

Still, calendar booking systems that use this kind of graphic UI are … well, this is the best I’ve seen so wherever possible, I strongly suggest its use. I’m right now a part of a company that has had a fairly wide collection of freelance employees all over the world and we all use different booking software for ourselves and they’re looking to enforce the use of just one of them for us all in relation to our work for them and I’d love to advocate for YCBM and it would of course be helpful to work with an affiliate system in such a case.

My initial meaning of tier approach to payouts at the beginning of that reply is referring to how some companies say you start off at such and such lower percentage until you qualify for higher percentages after particular volumes are reached. Ick.