Sync with One Calendar App

Anyone tried to sync / check availability with the One Calendar app? This app is great on Android and other devices and it’s one of the few syncing flawlessly with all main types of calendars.
Here is their url:
Has anyone tried to check availability against the One Calendar app? Maybe using Zapier - or can we do it directly from YCBM? I can’t find it in integrations, but search doesn’t work well with these common words as an app name.

@radasca I checked out One Calendar. This appears to be a calendar aggregation. Essentially checking on multiple calendars in one view. At first glance there doesn’t appear to be a way to integrate. If they offered an API for the calendar itself an integration could be possible in the future. The other option would be to connect the calendars you use within One Calendar directly to YCBM. Our system can show the mutual availability you have across all of your calendars potentially. The Zapier piece to this is more after the booking has happened. This allows you to send the booking data or signal to all of the other applications in your stack.

Ok, thanks. I am having trouble syncing all calendars to one so has to check conflicts against only one calendar.

@radasca you can connect multiple calendars for mutual availability. This article will explain.

Thanks, Ben. I may give it a shot.

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