Adding appointments to multiple calendars?

I’ve added a second team member who uses their personal calendar with a YCBM booking page. Bookings go into his calendar.

I can view his bookings on the YCBM admin page, but that’s onerous since it’s rows of text versus a calendar view. It’s not a simple, intuitive view.

Does YCBM allow for a single booking to be added to more than one calendar? I want to create a new Outlook calendar that would essentially reflect any YCBM bookings from his calendar.

If this isn’t supported out of the box, is this something I could use the Zapier integration for?

@LeroySchulz yes, you can add a booking to any calendar you would like. You just invite this additional calendar as a participant: Add bookings to multiple calendars

Excellent. I’ll look at this shortly and will let you know if I have any questions.

Thank you.