Problems with the 15-minute grid and one-hour appointments


For a few weeks now, in one-hour slots starting at 10:15 or 20:45 but lasting an hour, the list of fifteen-minute slots has been appearing.
I am enclosing a picture to help you understand it better:

I only offer eight appointments a day, always at this hour:

And it doesn’t look good if all the 15-minute gaps appear. A week ago this problem didn’t occur. In the google calendar I have 15-minute breaks between appointments.

If you have your grid increment set to 15 minutes we will show availability in 15 minute timeslots. Also if anytime there is a row of times with no free time it will be removed:

Here is how to adjust your increment display:

They used to hide and there was no problem, but since a few weeks ago this is no longer the case. For example, right now the hours of 11:45, 12:00, 12: 15 appear in light grey because they cannot be booked in them, before they disappeared.

Here is the calendar on my website, where you can see the problem.

I helped you in another thread. Feel free to answer there.