Dealing with appointment durations

Can we please have a way to either specify an appointment duration (which is NOT the same duration as the booking time slot) or hide the appointment duration?

My booking time slots are two hours long, but they need to account for drive time to the next appointment, and the type of service. Some appointment durations are only 30 or 60 minutes, but YCBM always shows the duration at two hours because that’s the duration of the time slot. That’s misleading and confusing for clients.

I asked for this by email to support in July 2020.

Please and thank you.

The grid display is set with the increment you choose, so if you have a 2 hour timeslots then we can only display time with that increment. We hope to have an updated booking grid in the future that will hopefully allow for this level of complexity. It will be a bit of time before this is updated and I can’t guarantee that this change will be possible once that happens.

Right, but there’s a key distinction between the the duration of a time slot and the duration of an appointment. Those are two different things.

It doesn’t seem overly complicated for YCBM to allow us to:

  1. Hide the duration from clients so that they aren’t getting confused by the misinformation.
  2. For each appointment type allow us to specify a duration to display to clients (which is different from the time slot duration).

Pretty please?