I'd like more flexibility in choosing appointment display

I’d like to be able to:

  • choose the padding time in smaller increments than the appointment duration
  • choose myself, which duration time is DISPLAYED for an appointment type (may differ from the actual settings)

That is:
I’d like to SET the appointment duration to 1:15 hours (in order to have enough time). But I’d like to DISPLAY 40-50 minutes, which is the duration that is ususally necessary. Plus, I’d like to set a padding of 0:15 hours between appointments.

It’s nasty to set the duration to 0:15 increments, that looks ugly and overwhelming on the calender AND it says that the duration is 15 minutes, which is simply wrong.

Thanks for either explaining how I can do that or making it technically possible to do so.

Best regards,

I’ve been asking for this exact flexibility for several years now.

How YCBM schedules appointment timelines should be separate from how our customers SEE the duration of an appointment.

As it is, without having the ability to specify what customers SEE, customers are frustrated since YCBM gives a misleading expectation.

Thanks for sharing! If YCBM doesn’t add this feature promptly (and I speak of a few weeks rather than months - not even thinking of years!), I’ll switch to another calendar service.

I hear you. In our case, we take bookings every two hours, because some of the services we provide can take up to that long, plus because we offer onsite services we have to account for drive time. The reality is that some services take half an hour, some take an hour, some take an hour and a half.

From a software perspective, it should be very easy to implement a VISIBLE DURATION for each type of service we offer. e.g. Service A - 30 minutes, Service B - 60 minutes, Service C - 90 minutes. That VISIBLE DURATION should be what’s shown to customers.

But with YCBM’s limitations, every customer sees a duration of two hours – which is completely wrong and frustrating to customers.

I originally asked for this ability in July 2020. See Dealing with appointment durations.