Proposal – management and consultation of reservations by booker

Proposal for the development of a new utility.
On numerous occasions it is necessary to consult the reservations or appointments that a booker has arranged in a certain calendar.
From the application there is no possibility for a booker to consult and manage the reservations or appointments that they have arranged in a calendar. You only have the e-mails that arrive in your inbox, becoming an unfriendly and efficient task.
I understand, broadly speaking, that the steps to follow could be:

  • Identify the booker with some minimum data at a general level or on the booking page.

  • When accessing a calendar to make a reservation, first our booker code would be requested and then the available hours would be shown to continue with the reservation process itself. In case of forgetting the code, the booker could request that it be sent to his e-mail.

  • When making the reservation we would already have the basic data of the booker that we have in our master table. From this moment in the reservation we have identified the booker who has made it.

  • “My reservations” option. When a booker is located in a calendar, he could access, through a button, to consult his reservations as a summary. From this summary, the most common operations that are already contemplated in the application could be carried out: Cancellation, Replanning

Hi @joseluis this is something that we are planning, a way for bookers to login to manage their own bookings.

In the interim if you are inviting your bookers to share the calendar event you can add Cancellation and Reschedule links there. Simply add {CANCEL-LINK} and {RESCHEDULE-LINK}