Reducing availabilities of slots not working

Hi. all of a sudden. My YCBM-UNITS-XX in the Google calendar description is not working for reducing the number of availabilities. I did not do any changes on my side. so this must be the System issue. I asked this to support Carlos and provided all the information but no answer for more than 12 hours. I had to turn off to off-line to avoid overbooking until this problem was fixed. I am losing potential booking off-line. This is a very serious issue for me. This issue happened before and was fixed by Ben right away. This time the techs are not responding. Can you please help me?

Try putting that in the title of the blocking event. We had to make a change to not read the description for better performance.

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t understand what you mean.
Would you explain the details to fix this problem?
This is not easy enough for me to understand.
Thank you in advance.


I find this is not professional to erase a function without telling your clients who are using it as core of the business.

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Your company still offers writing YCBM-UNITS-X how Our company used to reduce the availability in your help support sentence.

Did changed all the event title of google calendar and It seems the system read the YCBM-UNITS-X OK.
Now I have another problem.
In Booking form. I can not put the availability box to choose the number.
I tried
A. Maximum group size
B. Block of text with the question and {UNITS}.
Both above not working.
Please help

You may not see it render properly in the preview, but on the live page it is showing up on your pages: