Reducing number of attendees

What happens if I reduce the number of attendees (bookers) per session while some sessions are already booked for the maximum number? For eg. I can have three bookers per session. The sessions are booked with 3 bookers. Later before the session, I decided to reduce the number of attendees to 2. How will the YCBM platform accommodate this change in Booking settings for the sessions pre-booked with 3 attendees? Will it remove one attendee at random? I need this information before I make change to the settings. Thanks.

Hi @Manju I would need to test this out to be 100% positive, but for bookings that are already scheduled at the 3 capacity will remain if you adjust things down to 2. After the change only groups of 2 or 1 would be able to book existing time slots.

Thank you for getting back to me! This is very helpful.

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