Booking for different timezones

How do I keep my appointments from booking at the same time if they are in different time zones?

Hi @RGlaze thanks for posting your question on our community forum! Although your bookers will have unique timezones, your personal calendar timezone will always stay the same unless you manually adjust it. Our auto-detect time zone feature allows your bookers to see your availability in their timezone, however you will see the calendar event on your schedule in your timezone and you won’t get double booked!

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Jamie. Thanks for your reply.
The booker booked for his time and when I called him he said I was1 hour early.

@RGlaze I just sent you a message. Let’s get connected to troubleshoot what may have happened.

I don’t see any message but this one.

Looks like you got it after all. I just reached out via email as well. :smiling_face:

Hi Jamie. I
My page is offline and locked. I’m loosing business. I don’t need any upgrades and I can’t see that I’m trying to use any. Please Help

Hi @RGlaze I just reached out to you via email to troubleshoot this.