Can People see each other's bookings

Hi Team, before I download the app and run through setting up I have a question.

Can individuals who make a booking see each other’s bookings. Let me explain we run a social golf league and would love to be able to setup “appointments” which represent Tee times each week. Then each of our players would be able to go in and book a particular slot. But of course in this setup - the individuals would like to see who is playing where and with whom.

They may of course be able to select a slot in a 4-ball which is available to “join that group”.

So the exam question is - once I setup a number of appointment slots - will new people wanting to book a slot - see who is already in other slots booked on the day?

Thanks in advance

No one should be able to see each other bookers. All bookings are only revealed to you the calendar owner and the booker. There isn’t a way to reveal who has booked a slot previously. This doesn’t align with our privacy policy to keep data secure as possible. If this was important to you, you could add another centralized calendar as a participant and then that could be made public. You would want to put a check box on the booking form to inform people that they are consenting to allow you to publish their information to a public space.

No one can see each other bookings. They only see their bookings.

@Kyle_J2 all of the individual bookings are private from others as a default. No one should be able to see anyone else that books. Only you the account owner would know that.